December 2020 Stogiebird Lineup
December 2020 Stogiebird Lineup
December's lineup featuring cigars from:
Rocky Patel    -    Island Jim    -    Blackbird Cigar Co.    -    Warped Cigars    -    Kristoff Cigars    -    Tre J Cigars    -    Sinistro Cigars    -    Lost & Found 


William Kelley

Date 1/12/2021

I was really excited to jump into this lineup with a Kyle Gellis since I enjoyed his Cloud Hopper but I’ve got to be honest, the first thing I noticed was the cigar (Warped Cigar’s - La Relatos) was damaged at the foot. I brought it to my usual smoking spot and when I cut it the wrapper cracked significantly. While smoking, I began to notice the entire wrapper was cracked throughout the cigar. It seems like I can barely get a draw off this thing. I’m not sure if it is the cigar or the packaging/ shipment but I’m willing to say it couldn’t be the storage since once received since upon arrival it went into a Daniel Marshall that’s hovering between 69-71RH and 69-70F and in regard to shipment. The cigars also did arrive in a nice tube to protect them from damage so I guess the carriers off the hook. I am a member of a few cigar clubs and haven’t yet had this bad of an experience. The wrapper is falling apart in my hands as I smoke it. I haven’t looked closely at the rest of the cigars yet but this is discouraging as a first experience. If things changes with the rest, I’ll make sure to update this note. Has anyone else had this experience with a Stogiebird cigar?

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