Fly with the Bird: Understanding the Significance of Stogiebird

When we were brainstorming potential names for our cigar subscription service, we wanted something that reflected both our Pennsylvania roots and our commitment to delivering our products worldwide. 

The origin of the name stems from the term "stogie" which was coined to refer to a cigar. But where does this word come from? Well, it turns out that Conestoga, PA used to be a major producer of wood-covered wagons called "Stogie Wagons". Many of these wagons were used to haul tobacco, which was one of Pennsylvania's largest crops and the basis for its thriving cigar industry. The word "Stogie" became a colloquial term for a cigar. 

 We paired the word "Stogie" with "Bird" to reflect the fact that we ship our products all over the world. Just like birds that take to the skies, our cigars fly out of our facility and make their way to customers across the globe. We believe that this name perfectly captures the essence of our brand - it pays homage to our Pennsylvania roots, acknowledges the industry we serve, and conveys our commitment to providing high-quality products to cigar enthusiasts all over the globe. 

 In summary, the name Stogiebird is a nod to our history and the region in which we operate. It also reflects our mission to provide a truly global experience to our customers. We are proud to have such a unique and meaningful name, and we hope that it resonates with cigar enthusiasts everywhere.